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About The Resource Key

The Resource Key's inclusive impact branding model moves brands forward by reimagining innovation, and impact in internal and external marketing strategies to connect by leveraging recruitment strategies, partnerships, and digital content in new ways. Our mission is to create more accessible technology.

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Meet Our CEO

Beyond The Therapy Room

Jourdan Saunders was a practicing Speech Language Pathologist for over 10 years, she listened to children and adults with different disabilities sharing how they did not feel included in the community.  As Jourdan did more therapy in the community, it allowed her to see the need for disability inclusion beyond, just the lens of her therapy room.

Innovating at The Intersections

Jourdan has developed inclusive gymnastics programs, reading literacy programs, and is the author of Our Reading Literacy Kitchen: Fresh Approaches to Target Reading Literacy Skills. She is an advisor to companies and organizations ranging from digital speech therapy, gymnastics, international reading literacy initiatives, culinary industry technology platform, and many more.

Leadership with Impact
Jourdan was awarded LinkedIn Top Voices 2020: Equity in the Workplace. She is the creator of one of the first resource websites for students in Speech Language Pathology, owner of one of the largest SLP resources groups on LinkedIn with over 20,000 members, and selected as top 100 Speech Language Pathologists impacting the field.

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Is Your Company Changing the Future?

We work with companies that want to continue being leaders and accelerate their impact through inclusive impact branding that is authentic and aligned with action.