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Meet Our Community Experts

The Resource Key Community Experts provide valuable resources about ways to build inclusion and accessibility in the community and across different industries. Email us to hire them for company projects or for your next event.

Mr. Antoine Hunter

Industry: Dance

Zahna Simon

Industry: Dance

Harel Chait

Industry: Website Accessibility

Valerie Lawrence

Industries: Life Coach, Real Estate

Saba Markos

Industries: Modeling, Life Coach

Carissa Madden

Industry: Higher Education

Jennifer Oghenewaire Nikoro

Industry: Law

Stephen Cluskey

Industry: Hospitality and Facilities

Ryan Lundy

Industry: Sports and Recreation

Tanisha Dayal

Industry: Human Resources

Partnerships with Community Experts

For sponsorships, brand integrations, collaborations, consultations, speaking opportunities, or interviews with Community Experts.