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We Partner with Brands to Build Inclusive Impact Solutions

The Resource Key™ promotes inclusion and accessibility in digital marketing to ensure people with disabilities and older adults are included. Our mission is to create more accessible technology.

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Trusted by Companies in the USA and Globally

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The Resource Key Case Studies

Uncover the uncommon results The Resource Key has been able to accomplish together, with our clients to build a more inclusive and accessible future.

The Resource Key Services

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Speaking Engagements and Custom Programs

Inclusive impact branding talks igniting companies invested in an inclusive and accessible future. Thought leadership, aligned case studies, and actionable takeaways for leadership teams to carry with them and implement immediately into your business culture.

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Office Hours

Trailblazing guidance and feedback on tech related products, apps, brand development integrated with inclusion and accessibility. Answers to top questions to continue moving your brand forward.

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The Resource Key Inclusive Package

Empowering companies invested in an inclusive and accessible future through our inclusive impact branding key areas for long term solutions. Implementation of our comprehensive package is a time commitment of 6 months minimum.

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Community Experts

The Resource Key Community Experts provide valuable resources about ways to build inclusion and accessibility in the community and across different industries.
Email us to hire them for company projects or for your next event.

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Is Your Company Changing the Future?

We work with companies that want to continue being leaders and accelerate their impact through inclusive impact branding that is authentic and aligned with action.

Working with The Community

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