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A Metaverse for All

person looking to the side wearing virtual reality headset

GatherVerse is a global ecosystem where communities gather, discuss, document and share human centered approaches to the metaverse. Some of the sponsors from previous events included HP and Meta.

The Resource Key partnered with GatherVerse to provide a thought-provoking talk that included insights from the accessibility perspective. The metaverse is accelerating and has the capacity to improve our daily lives. A discussion surrounding the opportunities to build accessibility at the core of the metaverse will be valuable to ensure everyone can take flight to the metaverse.  The metaverse will be a runway to unlimited opportunities for new and innovative ways of doing things by ensuring accessibility is embedded.

"Bring the metaverse into a clearer, humanity centered view." -GatherVerse-

Quote from Elliott from Teen Vogue Article:

"Elliott, a 26-year-old Deaf disabled person of color says the main reason they use Apple products is because they’re the most accessible to them, and also the most compatible with other devices they use.

“On both my iPhone and iPad I use my Video Relay Service, a way for deaf people to make phone calls with an interpreter on screen to relay calls back and forth so I can have independence in my own calls,” Elliott says. “I also use the accessibility features to connect my hearing aids to my phone and iPad so I can route media sounds and more to stream directly to my hearing aids. The cool thing about Apple is they have an accessibility section just for hearing devices so it's very easy to connect everything and stream everything.”

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