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The Resource Key Inclusive Impact Package

Amplify First-Person Stories

"Cornerstone helps organizations unite people growth with business success to create work environments that inspire growth, productivity, and success for all." -Cornerstone OnDemand-

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Cornerstone OnDemand sought to develop best practices for HR software training experiences, focusing on diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. Their goal was to create a Neurodiversity in the Workplace learning course that ensured authentic representation and accessibility.


The Resource Key collaborated with Cornerstone OnDemand in three key areas to develop and implement best practices for their Neurodiversity in the Workplace course:

  1. Content Development: Recruited individuals with neurodivergent experiences to ensure authentic storytelling and representation in the video training content.
  2. Strategic Partnerships: Connected Cornerstone OnDemand with valuable partnerships to expand their reach and impact for the course development and launch.


Our collaboration with Cornerstone OnDemand led to significant achievements:

  • Market Reach: Cornerstone OnDemand serves over 6,000 customers and 75 million users across 180 countries and 50 languages. The implementation of inclusive and accessible course development practices ensures continued leadership in fostering a future-ready workforce.
  • Authentic Representation: Increased connection through authentic content that shares diverse stories and insights about Neurodiversity in the Workplace, helping employees and consumers see themselves represented in the brand’s diversity.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Enhanced diversity and inclusion by recruiting people with neurodivergent experiences, enriching the course content and providing valuable perspectives.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Expanded partnerships with brands prioritizing inclusion and accessibility, furthering the impact and reach of the training program.

ESG, CSR, and SDG Alignment

  • ESG: Promotes sustainable and inclusive workplace practices, aligning with environmental, social, and governance criteria.
  • CSR: Supports corporate social responsibility by fostering inclusive growth and development within organizations.
  • SDG: Advances Sustainable Development Goals: SDG 10: Reduces inequality by promoting inclusive workplace practices. SDG 17: Strengthens global partnerships for sustainable development.

Is Your Company Changing the Future?

By investing in our programs, you not only enhance your corporate social responsibility (CSR) and align with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, but also position your organization as a leader in inclusivity and accessibility.