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The Resource Key Inclusive Impact Package

Award-Winning DEI Playbook Revolutionizes EdTech

"Dare to design for good — at all costs. Design solutions that uplift as many people as possible and break down barriers." -Sandra By Design

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Collaborating and incorporating diverse perspectives while ensuring representation and sensitivity for development of an inclusive content creation project for Babbel, language learning company.


Sandra by Design worked with The Resource Key and a few selected Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) consultants with both lived experience and professional expertise in these areas to develop comprehensive DEI creative guidelines for Babbel.

During the research phase, The Resource Key engaged in one-on-one interview and feedback sessions with Sandra by Design and recruited individuals with diverse lived experiences. This approach was pivotal in ensuring that the developed language and content were truly representative and sensitive to different identities and experiences, laying the foundation for a more inclusive and equitable representation in every aspect.

Link to full Sandra by Design case study


Sandra by Design has led more than 250 workshops, both virtual and in-person, along with over 25 e-learnings and learning programs, focusing on inclusive design and social impact. These efforts have cultivated communities of practice dedicated to fostering inclusivity and effecting positive change.

Babbel is a market-leading online language learning ecosystem and the world’s most sold language learning app, reaching the benchmark of more than 10 million subscriptions sold.

  1. The launch of this extensive 150+ page playbook has been a cornerstone in fortifying Babbel's internal diversity values, refining recruitment practices, and establishing a benchmark for content creation.
  2. Released publicly, the DEI glossary within the playbook garnered recognition, securing the  Diversity & Inclusion Initiative of the Year in the Sustainable Company Awards 2022, underscoring its impact as a transformative resource in fostering inclusivity and sustainability.
  3. Increased connection through authentic content that ensures inclusion and accessibility through sharing diverse stories, lived experiences and insights. Employees and consumers see themselves represented in the diversity of the brand.

Alignment with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

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