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Social Media

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Integration in Social Media

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The University of Memphis Mid-South Access Center for Technology is not only involved with teacher and service provider education, but offers direct services to persons with disabilities. Professionals at the Mid-South ACT conduct evaluations/assessments and facilitate training. Professionals have expertise in areas such as: vision, assistive technology, literacy, early intervention, counseling, and augmentative communication, seating and positioning.

The Resource Key worked with The University of Memphis to align with Mid-South Access Center for Technology’s Virtual Reuse Event.  The Resource Key spoke on the topic of Inclusive and Accessible Social Media. Practical tools and strategies to ensure social media is more inclusive and accessible were discussed.  Participants learned ways to advance diversity, equity and inclusion through social media and ensure people with disabilities are included.

"Advancing technologies and strategies to empower people with disabilities is at the core or research and activities within the Mid-South ACT." -Mid-South ACT-

Quote from Nielsen Article:

"Considering this active consumer target, the missed opportunity to incorporate people with disabilities into everyday brand messaging could be costly. There is an opportunity for brands to incorporate depictions and experiences of life with a disability in their messaging and product designs without centering on it. The media, marketing and advertising industries have an opportunity to help break down social stigmas around disability by making people with disabilities more visible."

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