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Food, Culture, and Inclusion Intersections

closeup photo of turned on Ipad on rack with recipe displayed.

NooshHub is a social enterprise that connects people through food, culture, and memories. Creating a peer-to-peer kitchen table concept whereby food is the median to make displaced families whole again.

The Resource Key partnered with NooshHub to develop inclusive impact solutions as the food-tech platform continues to develop. We are unlocking impact and community through building safe spaces for people to share their recipes, memories, and kitchen within their own traditions.

"Capturing the universal truth that food is a bridge...Connection is greater than our differences, more powerful and enduring than our conflicts." -NooshHub-

Quote from Melissa L. Caldwell, The Conversation from PBS News Hour Article:

"Yet people with disabilities are underrepresented in accounts of pandemic-related poverty and food insecurity. Given their reduced access to food shopping, they are less likely to be included in research on disruptions to the food system. This is prompting demands from health researchers and disability activists for greater attention and solutions."

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