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Making Meaningful Connections in Virtual Art Programming

inside of an art gallery with art hanging on walls.

The Chicago Cultural Accessibility Consortium empowers Chicago’s cultural spaces to become more accessible to visitors with disabilities. They facilitate a dynamic community of cultural administrators and people with disabilities to remove barriers in the Chicago region’s cultural organizations.

The Resource Key worked with Chicago Cultural Accessibility Consortium to align with Engaging Individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities in Virtual Programs Event. The Resource Key spoke on a panel on the topic Facilitating Meaningful Experiences for All Learners by covering key strategies related to ways to engage individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities in virtual programs. Participants of event ranged from cultural administrators from cultural spaces, like museums and theaters., people who work directly with public-facing departments, such as visitor services and front-of-house staff, exhibit designers, educators.

"We believe everyone deserves access to Chicago's rich arts and culture." -Chicago Cultural Accessibility Consortium

Quote from Roshunda Holt from AmeriDisability article:

"Artist Roshunda Holt’s piece, “Waterfall with Willow Tree,” is among the first of the work exhibited. Small and shiny ceramic pieces are combined to create a mosaic landscape depicting a waterfall that flows into a river on the horizon in front of a large willow tree. While the weeping willow tree symbolizes shade over sadness, the cascading water helps purify to wash it away and bring in new life. Its tactile and colorful surface allows for people to touch and experience the artwork with multiple senses other than just vision. “Art cannot be put into a box — that’s what makes it special,” said Holt, who has been recognized by the American Printing House for the Blind, Annual Insight Art Exhibition in Louisville, Kentucky. “

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