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Virtual Programming
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Making Meaningful Connections in Virtual Art Programming

A mission to ensure art is inclusive and accessible to all.

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Challenge: Building best practices for art virtual programming through the lens of diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility.

The Chicago Cultural Accessibility Consortium set out to develop educational content and training for ways community members can increase engagement for individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) through virtual programs.

Solution: The Resource Key worked with Chicago Cultural Accessibility Consortium to develop a custom workshop. 

The Resource Key worked with Chicago Cultural Accessibility Consortium to align with Engaging Individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities in Virtual Programs Event. The Resource Key spoke on a panel on the topic Facilitating Meaningful Experiences for All Learners by covering key strategies related to ways to engage individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities in virtual programs.

Participants of event ranged from cultural administrators from cultural spaces, like museums and theaters., people who work directly with public-facing departments, such as visitor services and front-of-house staff, exhibit designers, educators.

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Quote: "We believe everyone deserves access to Chicago's rich arts and culture." -Chicago Cultural Accessibility Consortium

Impact: Empowering Chicago’s cultural spaces to become more accessible to visitors with disabilities. They facilitate a dynamic community of cultural administrators and people with disabilities to remove barriers in the Chicago region’s cultural organizations.

  1. Increased awareness of best practices through conversation with attendees globally to provide insights and resources to ensure inclusion and accessibility in the virtual art programming.
  2. Increased partnerships for brands committed to inclusion and accessibility in the arts to continue to expand impact globally with actionable ways to integrate at the core.

Alignment with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

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