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The Resource Key Custom Programming

Neurodiversity in the Workplace with RethinkCare

"We are continuously expanding our industry-leading neurodiversity content and expert consultation offerings to cultivate a culture of inclusion and optimize workforce performance." -Rethink Care

RethinkCare Professional Resilience Solution screenshots of computer and phone with overview of program offerings.


The main challenge was to create a training program that educates workplace teams that is engaging, accessible, and effective in fostering a culture of inclusivity and high performance.


The Resource Key developed a comprehensive three-course training program titled “Understanding Neurodiversity,” featuring:

  1. Introductory and Closing Videos: Each course began and concluded with a 1-2 minute video by a subject matter expert from The Resource Key, discussing overarching themes and key takeaways.
  2. Audio Sessions: Six audio sessions per course, each 3-4 minutes long, covered various neurodiversity subtopics, designed to be informative yet concise.
  3. E-learning Modules and Career Development Resources: Comprehensive online materials.
  4. Inclusive Workforce Trainings for Leaders and Managers: Focused training for leadership to expand the talent pipeline and improve employee morale and retention.
  5. Global Availability: Accessible in over 225 countries, with content available in 9 languages, ensuring wide reach and inclusivity.


The collaboration with RethinkCare and integration partners (CVS Health, Cornerstone, Virgin Pulse, Children's Hospital Association) resulted in significant benefits:

  • Elevated Awareness: Raised awareness about neurodiversity among employees and leadership.
  • Enhanced Inclusivity: Fostered a more inclusive work environment, embracing the strengths of both neurotypical and neurodivergent employees.
  • Global Reach: Impacted a vast audience, promoting inclusivity on a global scale.

ESG, CSR, and SDG Alignment

  • ESG: Promotes sustainable and inclusive workforce practices, aligning with environmental, social, and governance criteria.
  • CSR: Supports corporate social responsibility by fostering an inclusive and supportive work environment.
  • SDG: Advances Sustainable Development Goals: SDG 10: Reduces inequality by promoting inclusive workplace practices.

Is Your Company Changing the Future?

By investing in our programs, you not only enhance your corporate social responsibility (CSR) and align with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, but also position your organization as a leader in inclusivity and accessibility.