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Speech and Language Therapy
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The Future of Speech and Language Therapy

A mission to ensure speech and language therapy is inclusive and accessible to all.

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Challenge: Building best practices for speech and language therapy platform through the lens of diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility.

Noala was expanding their platform to the United States from the United Kingdom and wanted high level subject matter expertise platform review, user experience feedback, new partnership opportunities.


The Resource Key worked with Noala to develop best practices for their speech and language therapy platform and build new partnerships.

The Resource Key provided actionable feedback and professional insights about how to improve the platform and user experience. Thereafter, Noala and The Resource Key did an Instagram Live on the topic of Disability Inclusion. We connected Noala to new partnership opportunities with other Speech Language Pathologists and individuals interested in more information about the platform. The Resource Key shared about Noala with our audience of over 35,000 followers to expand their reach.

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Quote: "We believe that by leveraging digital tools in a creative, innovative way, we can foster an evolution in speech and language therapy - making it faster and easier to access professional help." -Noala-


Noala has raised over 4 million in funding that will be used to continue developing its leading digital tools. The traditional speech therapy process can take months or years, Noala wants to ensure speech and language therapy is inclusive and accessible to all and reduce wait times. There are approximately 46 million people that are estimated to have some sort of communication disorder in the US. Noala will continue expanding reach and leading the future of speech and language therapy to ensure all individuals have access to therapy.

  1. Reducing the wait times for speech and language therapy and increasing access for individuals who need speech and/or language services.
  2. Increasing partnerships with other brands that prioritize the need for inclusion and accessibility to continue to expand impact.

Alignment with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)