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Reimagining the future through inclusive impact branding. We create customized systems to guide inclusive and accessible marketing that integrates into your whole brand. Providing both strategic and creative elements for building an impactful framework.

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The Resource Key Services

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Speaking Engagements and Custom Programs

We offer interactive workshops, keynotes, or panel discussions. Our speakers provide unparalleled thought leadership, aligned case studies, and actionable takeaways for leadership teams and personnel to carry with them and strategically and systemically implement into your business culture.

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Office Hours

Book a slot during our Office Hours to ask any questions and receive trailblazing guidance and consulting on concepts, products, coaching, and brand development integrated with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.  Let's talk about making the positive and sustainable changes that will take your brand to new heights now and in the future. 

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The Resource Key Inclusive Package

Our package works with you in three core areas: Recruitment Strategy, Content Strategy, and Partnership Strategy. Inclusive recruitment strategies help you recruit and retain untapped and top talent. We'll help you create and publish purpose-driven messaging that aligns with your core company values, and implement brand partnership strategies that build your community and make a bigger impact on the world.

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“The Resource Key serves as an exemplar of an entity that brings together care, expertise, research, and resources while making sure that their services are meshed in as part of the team vs. an external “we’ll get back to you with our input and thoughts. Basically, I see the relationship as a relationship for life.”

-Pooya, CEO at NooshHub-

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