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The Resource Key Services

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Speaking Engagements and Custom Programs

Our service champions inclusivity and accessibility, offering engaging talks and programs. We've made impactful speeches, like on "Inclusive Design: How to Make an Impact For People With Disabilities" to groups such as the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP), influencing over 34,000 professionals. This led to significant engagement, including a widely shared ASSP blog post inspired by our talk. We're also part of major initiatives like "Partner to Empower" by Brookfield Properties and IEEE's "Planet Positive 2030," we have reached over 2 million people and 300+ organizations in education, tech, and beyond. With over 60 global events, from fireside chats to webinars, we strive for meaningful change.

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Office Hours

Our service combines innovation and inclusivity, focusing on leaders eager to develop universally accessible tech products, apps, and brands. We collaborate across sectors from sports, healthcare, and tech, we ensure your products ensure ongoing inclusion and accessibility. Our achievements feature improving accessibility in sports organizations (i.e. USA Gymnastics) and collaborating with tech startups, with one securing over $20 million in funding. For leaders aiming for impactful progress, our dedication to inclusivity and innovation lays the groundwork for success.

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The Resource Key Inclusive Package

This service transforms your organization by embedding inclusivity and accessibility into your core operations, enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in areas like strategy, marketing, communication, and employee engagement. It aims to cultivate a culture that values inclusivity at every level, ensuring your communications and workplace support diverse needs. We focus on sustainable solutions to make your brand a leader in inclusivity and accessibility, beginning with an in-depth review of your practices and ending with a tailored strategy and action plan. A minimum commitment of two months is required.

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"The Resource Key followed through on taking our consulting call. They were on-time, on budget and more importantly came back to us for feedback on the work provided."

-Kekoa Rosa, Account Director at ENGINE INSIGHTS

Is Your Company Changing the Future?

We work with companies that want to continue being leaders and accelerate their impact through inclusive impact branding that is authentic and aligned with action.