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Speaking Engagements and Custom Programs

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Our specialized services, adaptable to your specific needs, are available both in-person and virtually. We offer:

  • Fireside Chats and Panel Discussions: Engage in thought-provoking conversations on critical business trends.
  • Keynote Speaking and Customized Webinars: Gain insights into strategic inclusion and accessibility, enhancing your business's competitive edge.
  • Coffee or Lunch Sessions: Intimate settings for deep-dives into digital empowerment and inclusive design.

The Add-Ons

  • We provide additional support by partnering with accessibility vendors, ensuring every aspect of your event is inclusively designed.

Topic Areas

Our expertise covers a range of subjects crucial to modern business strategy:

  • Bridging the Digital Divide: Strategies for Digital Empowerment.
  • Leveraging Social Media and Technology for Inclusive Impact.
  • Exploring the Metaverse: Adding Value through Inclusion.
  • Cross-Industry Collaboration for Inclusive Design.
  • Building the Future at the Intersection of Inclusion and Accessibility.

Next Steps

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  2. Request a call via The Resource Key meeting link or email

Other Services

Past Engagements

Uncover the uncommon results

A mission to ensure a metaverse that is inclusive and accessible to all utilizing The Resource Key Speaking Engagements and Custom Programs.

Become a Sponsor

The Resource Key specializes in forming high-level strategic partnerships with select sponsors, tailoring integration into events to meet their specific goals and amplify their impact. Opportunities for C-suite executives include engaging in thought leadership panels, showcasing products, and leveraging our extensive network of over 35,000 followers to promote Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) initiatives. We also offer customized content development and other collaborative opportunities to align with executive objectives.