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The Resource Key Inclusive Package

Your brand is only as strong as the people it includes. When you have a holistic approach to embrace all the talent, customers, and partners possible, you open the doors to new and ever- increasing growth. The Resource Key Inclusive Package includes: Recruitment Strategy, Content Strategy, and Partnership Strategy.

Recruitment Strategy

With an inclusive and customized recruitment strategy, you fill critical job roles through a streamlined process that further ensures equal opportunity. Inclusive recruitment strategies help you recruit and retain untapped and top talent. It further enables you to become a more sought-after employer by building upon a more transparent and caring workplace culture that highly qualified candidates seek. 

Content Strategy

Content is king in our digital world, and the right, responsible content will speak clearly to your employees and consumer target audience. We'll help you create and publish purpose-driven messaging that aligns with your core company values, culture, and business goals while driving engagement across all channels. 

Partnership Strategy

More partners turn in to more reach for your brand. The Resource Key works to implement brand partnership strategies that build your community and make a bigger impact on the world. 

"I highly recommend The Resource Key often to businesses that desire to be more inclusive and  support the disabled and neurodivergent community. The Resource Key’s excellent  communication, integrity, and customer service are a commodity often missing from many  organizations, but not this one! 

-Tiffany Jameson, Managing Partner at Grit and Flow-

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