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The Resource Key Volunteer Sponsorship Program

This sponsorship program is a conscientious initiative where The Resource Key sponsors one disability-owned business or organization. The objective is to utilize The Resource Key's marketing expertise to elevate the chosen brand to expand reach, and to continue to promote positive narratives surrounding disability inclusion.

2021 Sponsorship Recipient

Disability, Culture and Food Through Art Exhibit by Jules Sherred

About Exhibit: Photography and video exhibit – both online and in-studio – that showcases the food-related stories of eight disabled Canadians, eight Canadians from culturally diverse backgrounds, and eight Cowichan Valley food and beverage producers.

Jules Sherred logo

2022 Sponsorship Recipient

The Tiffany Antosz Foundation

The Tiffany Antosz Foundation (TAF) is igniting a world art movement to embrace and promote multidisciplinary art created by artists living with disabilities.

The Tiffany Antosz Foundation (TAF) logo

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