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"For me, The Resource Key serves as an exemplar of an entity that brings together care, expertise, research, and resources while making sure that their services are meshed in as part of the team vs. an external “we’ll get back to you with our input and thoughts”. Basically, I see the relationship as a relationship for life."

Pooya Rezai

CEO of NooshHub

Eriana Ferguson headshot

"As I embark on my career journey, I can't help but reflect on my incredible daughter's future. With a dual diagnosis of deafness and autism, she faces unique challenges in the workforce. Yet, I'm determined to pave the way for her and others like her. That's why I'm thrilled to share my next step: pitching to tech companies for inclusive opportunities, specifically a digital marketing role tailored to her strengths. Thanks to the visionary leadership of Jourdan Saunders, MS, CCC-SLP, CEO of The Resource Key, I'm optimistic about the future. The Resource Key™ promotes inclusion and accessibility in digital marketing to ensure people with disabilities and older adults are included. Together, let's champion inclusivity and create a world where everyone, regardless of ability, can thrive in their careers. #InclusionMatters #DiversityInTech #EmpowerEveryVoice"

Eriana Ferguson

Senior Product Manager at Catalant Technologies

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"The Resource Key has been an important go-to resource for grit & flow. The resource key has acted as a sounding board for international projects, but most importantly turns around critical research to help with proposals. The Resource Key’s work is well-researched, written and focuses on deeply respecting the population they serve. The projects The Resource Key has collaborated with grit & flow have been timely, and financial resources were utilized concisely with excellent communication of any potential changes in scope or potential costs. The Resource Key’s communication is excellent and their ability to ask clarifying questions added to the value of the project and the timeliness of deliverables."

Dr. Tiffany Jameson

Founding and Managing Partner at grit & flow

Katiya Xiong headshot

"Jourdan Saunders reminds me of a person with true empathy. She has the drive and knowledge to look at all of the layers of a problem and create solutions that deeply benefit people who are overlooked because of their disabilities - whether those conditions be visible or invisible to the naked eye. I once worked in the disability insurance space, so I know just how important Jourdan's works are to making the world a better place for the future of our children. The digital age is here to stay, so finding ways to make meaningful progress by working with Jourdan and The Resource Key can only be instrumental in the shaping of inclusivity and accessibility for all."

Katiya Xiong

CEO of DEEP Coalition

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"The Resource Key followed through on taking our consulting call. They were on-time, on budget and more importantly came back to us for feedback on the work provided."

Kekoa Rosa

Account Director at ENGINE INSIGHTS

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