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  • people holding a slice of pizza in restaurant.

    The Restaurant Redefining How to Build Community

    “I really want to see deaf employees earn the respect that they deserve, so that when somebody walks in that doesn’t sign, they see that deaf people can do everything from owning a restaurant to bartending to cooking.” — Ryan Maliszewski, Mozzeria CEO

  • person sitting holding latte with design

    321 Coffee

    “Together, we are building a company that stands for inclusion and doing business the right way.” — 321 Coffee

  • person holding a camera taking a picture.

    100 Cameras

    “Every kid – no matter their background or circumstances – deserves the right to have access to tools that support them in processing their experiences in a way that creates space for emotional freedom in their future." — 100 Cameras

  • green tractor on brown grass field under blue sky during daytime.


    “Agricultural workers with disabilities are often unable to continue working in a manner they are accustomed to, resulting in reduced productivity and increased chance of secondary injury. But with the help of AgrAbility, many of these professionals are able to put their knowledge and expertise back into the field.” — AgrAbility

  • person playing with audio controller.

    Yes I Can Unity Through Music and Education

    “YIC believes individuals with disabilities should have the same right as non-disabled individuals to have access to a full range of available employment opportunities and to earn a living wage in a job of their choosing based on their talents, skills, and interests.” — Yes I Can Unity Through Music and Education (YIC)

  • person typing  with one hand and holding phone in other hand.


    “I believe that having a job is something that can change someone’s life. It is something that provides stability, but not just financial stability, it provides something that you can look forward to, that you can work on, that you can have successes in, that you can become better at, that you can learn to overcome challenges.” — Charlotte Dales, CEO of Inclusively

  • different ground seasonings on table with a bowl of whole spices.

    Cowichan Valley Disability, Culture and Food Through Art Exhibit

    "I want to use my platform to showcase the stories of other people, I want to elevate their voices, I don’t want to tell their story for them, I want to give them the ability to share their stories to allow people to connect with it. Like you are sitting down with a friend over a cup of coffee and you’re learning about something that you have never ever ever have thought of before because of your own privilege and you’re like wow how have I not know about this I want to be part of a solution.”— Jules Sherred

  • pool with a view of outdoor balconies and greenery at a hotel.

    The Goodtime Hotel

    “Grutman said the goal is to make “aspiration accessible,” and Birnbaum said the hotel will be “affordable luxury.” We looked on The Goodtime Hotel website and they specifically state all of the ways in which their hotel is accessible. We love that inclusion and accessibility were thought of from the start.