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The keys

  • white textured bars interlocked with each other.

    KEY 7. Interconnected

    Building for the future requires us to take different pieces and combine them with others pieces.

  • multiple small question marks scattered across the floor.

    KEY 6. The Project Why

    THE Project Why is what comes to mind when starting, agreeing or pursuing any project.

  • event with a room full of people with a screen with text "Imagine every thing."

    KEY 5. Events Empower

    Events have the capacity to bring about change, to create spaces to develop relationships to bring about change, and gather new information to use to bring about change.

  • group of people holding drinks hanging out at a bar.

    KEY 4. Authentic Representation

    Authentic Representation is so important.  Authentic is key because you can have representation without it being authentic. 

  • DJ playing on dj terminal

    KEY 3. Music Moves

    Music can be such a powerful tool for activism in the community, leadership through lyrics, and communicating authentic messages. 

  • the text "imagine" on the ground within floor design

    KEY 2. Design Impact

    Who are we designing for? What are we considering when we are designing? So many more questions that come to mind when designing and more importantly inclusive and accessible design. 

  • two desk globes next to each other.

    KEY 1. Stay Connected

    Stay Connected takes on a whole new meaning depending on the person, context, and environment.