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KEY 1. Stay Connected

Stay Connected takes on a whole new meaning depending on the person, context, and environment.

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Stay Connected takes on a whole new meaning depending on the person, context, and environment.  Sometimes it can be difficult to find ways to stay connected when there does not feel like enough time for everything.  

Stay Connected Articles

1.‘I choose to thrive’: the man fighting motor neurone disease with cyborg technology by Michael Segalov from The Guardian

Peter was diagnosed with diagnosed with a motor neurone disease (MND). He is helping to create groundbreaking technology, that in turn could help someone else too.

 Quote from the article: “If we can improve things for Peter,” says Francis, “we can improve it for everyone with a disability, whether it’s MND, a stroke or old age.”

2. With Braille on Its Label, This Ohio Brewery’s New Beer Supports the Visually Impaired by Courtney Roberson from The Vine Pair

A brewery collaborated with a local organization to release a beer called Braille Ale which has braille on the beer packaging. 

Quote from the article:  “People need to be able to get information, and we need to be able to get them that information any way that we can.” Putting it on a can of beer is just the start, she says.”

3. Teacher with Tourette’s who shouts ‘Billy ball bag’ at pupils stars in new documentary by Katie Begley from Daily Mirror

A teacher with Tourette’s shared her story on a new documentary, Teacher With Tourette’s which airs in the UK on Thursday at 10pm on Channel 5.

Quote from the article: “They see I am capable – they don’t see a disability. My Tourette’s makes me a better teacher.”

4. Visions of Post Pandemic Home by Helen Barrett from Financial Times

Designers are creating innovative solutions from touching a rock that illuminates to let your loved ones know you are thinking of them to sitting inside of a protective dining bubble. The pandemic has shifted society and everyone is rethinking, adapting, adjusting, shifting, and looking at things from a different lens.

Quote from the article: “Design is suffering. It is a collective. We can’t do it digitally, it is not a singular endeavour,” he says. “We are more effective as a group than spread out across the world. You can’t design without experiencing a place, or seeing people use your product in real life.”

5. Claudia Walder is Tackling Shame Around Chronic Illness And Building Her Own Disability Community by Naomi Pike from British Vogue

Claudia is the founder and editor of Ablezine.  Ablezine seeks to change the image of disability and is committed to ensuring that as many disabled people are working behind the scenes as are featured on the page.

Quote from the article: “For Walder, greater understanding and inclusion for the disabled community looks as simple as able-bodied people being reminded that disabled people simply even “exist.” “We are the largest minority group in the world, and the only one that anyone can become a part of at any moment, so we need to be asking ourselves: Why we are always left out? Too many people have gotten away with [not] addressing disability as a social issue, because they can. You could say that about other [forms of] discrimination – people ignore it because they can. That does not mean they should.”

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