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Case Studies

Uncover the uncommon results The Resource Key has been able to accomplish together, with our clients to build a more inclusive and accessible future.

Neurodiversity in the Workplace with RethinkCare

"We are continuously expanding our industry-leading neurodiversity content and expert consultation offerings to cultivate a culture of inclusion and optimize workforce performance." -Rethink Care

RethinkCare Professional Resilience Solution screenshots of computer and phone with overview of program offerings.

Verizon Forward for Good Accelerator

Unlocking Opportunity Beyond Access

Verizon Forward for Good Accelerator Disability Innovation flyer.

Award-Winning DEI Playbook Revolutionizes EdTech

"Dare to design for good — at all costs. Design solutions that uplift as many people as possible and break down barriers." -Sandra By Design

person's hand holding square blocks arranging the word hope  on top of a map with other blocks surrounding word.

A Metaverse for All

GatherVerse is a global ecosystem where communities gather, discuss, document and share human centered approaches to the metaverse.

person looking to the side wearing virtual reality headset

The Future of Speech and Language Therapy

"We believe that by leveraging digital tools in a creative, innovative way, we can foster an evolution in speech and language therapy - making it faster and easier to access professional help." -Noala-

Kid using a tablet for visual programming.

Amplify First-Person Stories

"Cornerstone helps organizations unite people growth with business success to create work environments that inspire growth, productivity, and success for all." -Cornerstone OnDemand-

a person sitting looking at book about design and storytelling.

Food, Culture, and Inclusion Intersections

"Capturing the universal truth that food is a bridge...Connection is greater than our differences, more powerful and enduring than our conflicts." -NooshHub-

Close Up photo of turned on I Pad on rack with recipe displayed.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility Integration in Social Media

"Advancing technologies and strategies to empower people with disabilities is at the core of research and activities within the Mid-South ACT." -University of Memphis Mid-South ACT-

person holding smartphone

Making Meaningful Connections in Virtual Art Programming

"We believe everyone deserves access to Chicago's rich arts and culture." -Chicago Cultural Accessibility Consortium

inside of an art gallery with art hanging on walls.

Is Your Company Changing the Future?

By investing in our programs, you not only enhance your corporate social responsibility (CSR) and align with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, but also position your organization as a leader in inclusivity and accessibility.