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Office Hours and Advising

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The Service

Trailblazing guidance and feedback on tech related products, apps, brand development integrated with inclusion and accessibility. Answers to top questions to continue moving your brand forward.

  • Key Service Focus Areas: Subject Matter Expertise Advising, Professional Insights, Subject Matter Expertise Interviews, Product Development, Feedback and Future Ideas
  • Leading Topics: Inclusive and Accessible Concept and Product Development, Inclusive and Accessible Brand Development, Inclusive and Accessible Social Media, Inclusive and Accessible Branding, Inclusive and Accessible Gymnastics Programs, Inclusive and Accessible Marketing
  • Service Delivery: On-Site or Virtual

The Process

  1. Request a call via Office Hours Link or email
  2. A questionnaire and invoice will be sent via email within 2 business days of booking Office Hours call.
  3. Invoice sent to be paid in full prior to Office Hours timeslot.
  4. Office Hours session occurs at scheduled time.

The Package

  • Office Hours can be booked in 30-minute increments.
  • Multiple Office Hour sessions are available for bundle packages. Inquire about Office Hours Bundle Packages.

The Add Ons

  • Monthly Advising for Company Advisory Board
  • Instagram Live or LinkedIn Live
  • Custom Video
  • Sponsored Post
  • Curated Event

The Investment

  • Rates starting at $150 USD and up.

Learn more about other services at The Resource Key: Speaking Engagements and Custom Programs, The Resource Key Inclusive Package.

“The Resource Key exemplifies impeccable professionalism through both subject-matter expertise and high-quality service. Their communication is consistently detailed, concise, prompt and honest. In addition, The Resource Key is both reliable and thoughtful in terms of providing individualized customer/partner correspondence.”

-Clare, VP at Aspire-

Is Your Company Changing the Future?

We work with companies that want to continue being leaders and accelerate their impact through inclusive impact branding that is authentic and aligned with action.