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Office Hours Packages

Introductory Package for Small Businesses

Designed for small businesses across various sectors, our Introductory Package offers a strategic entry point for executives looking to infuse their offerings with innovation and inclusivity. This package provides tailored Office Hour session, focusing not just on tech-driven initiatives but also on holistic brand and product development. It equips small businesses with essential insights and strategies to effectively incorporate inclusivity into their operations, paving the way for impactful growth in their respective markets.

Pricing starting at $250 per month.

Expansion Package for Mid-Sized Businesses

The Expansion Package serves mid-sized businesses ready to deepen their commitment to inclusivity and broaden their market influence. Office Hours sessions extend beyond tech to cover comprehensive areas such as advanced product development, brand enhancement, and strategic marketing support. Including social media strategy and content guidance, this package supports mid-sized businesses in leveraging innovation across all aspects of their operations, fostering scalable growth and a stronger brand presence.

Pricing starting at $1,500 per month.

Comprehensive Strategy Package for Large Businesses

Our Comprehensive Strategy Package is meticulously curated for large enterprises aiming for leadership in their fields through innovation and inclusivity. This premium offering includes customizable Office Hours sessions per month, providing extensive strategic support across a wide range of areas, from product and brand development to sophisticated marketing strategies and global engagement initiatives. It ensures large businesses benefit from a holistic advisory approach, enabling them to set new standards in their industries with products and services that resonate universally.

Pricing starting at $2,250 per month.

Service Overview

Our Office Hours service is crafted for executives to master the intricacies of tech-driven product, app, and brand development, emphasizing innovation and inclusivity. With a foundation built on the diverse experiences of clients from sectors such as sports, healthcare, and digital technology, we are committed to making products and services accessible to everyone. Notably, one of our tech partners expanded their reach significantly, securing over $20 million in funding, a testament to our impactful approach to inclusivity and growth.

Service Goal

  • To empower your business with inclusive and accessible support, enhancing your brand and operations with personalized support and feedback. 

Key Focus Areas

  • Subject Matter Expertise Advising: Drawing on a vast network of experts across various fields, we offer personalized advice to navigate your unique challenges.
  • Professional Insights: Gain from our collaborative successes with a range of industries, including sports and tech startups, highlighting our drive for inclusivity.
  • Subject Matter Expertise Interviews: Engage with specialists to deepen your understanding and refine your strategies.
  • Product Development: Benefit from our experience in creating inclusive technologies, like voice-activated devices for diverse user groups.
  • Feedback and Future Idea Development: We're dedicated to not just meeting but exceeding your expectations, using feedback to foster growth and innovation.
  • Concept and Product Development: Our work showcases the adaptability of our service in promoting inclusivity and accessibility in technology.
  • Brand Development and Marketing Support: From internal strategies to external outreach, we ensure your brand champions inclusivity and accessibility.
  • Social Media Strategies and Branding Initiatives: Explore add-ons like monthly advising, engaging live sessions, and custom content to boost your online presence.

Service Delivery Options

  • Available both in-person and virtually
  • Convenient 30-minute increments or through bundled packages for comprehensive engagement.

Next Steps

  • Request a call via Office Hours Link or email
  • Expect to receive a questionnaire and invoice within 2 business days of booking your Office Hours session.
  • Payment of the invoice in full is required prior to your scheduled Office Hours session.

Other Services

Sigourney  headshot

"Thrilled to announce the addition of an Inclusive Marketing module to our courses, thanks to the invaluable insights from The Resource Key. Personally, I've gained tremendous knowledge from Jourdan Saunders, who as a former gymnast herself, understands the importance of making trampoline and gymnastics accessible to EVERYONE. We're committed to promoting inclusivity in every aspect of what we do, and this new module will help ALL of us create a more inclusive online presence. Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities to learn and grow with us! (Please note...we are working on improving our inclusive online presences. We all start somewhere!)

Dr. Sigourney Weathers, PT, DPT, Therapeutic Trampoline

Co-Owner of All in Gym Training Co.

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