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Interconnected will be an important word as we continue to look towards the future in building inclusion and accessibility. Taking new information, unrelated concepts, different perspectives and interconnecting them to build out the future will be a skillset to continue to develop to continue moving forward.

Interconnected Article

New Disability Culture Coordinator advocates for disabled community by Juliana Vandermark from The Bowdoin Orient

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This article discusses how for the first time Bowdoin, the College hired a Disability Culture Coordinator. When reviewing this article here are some of the components that were interconnected:

  • Conversations between Disabled Student Association and different administrators.
  • Listening to students and realizing more support was needed surrounding ableism, accessibility, and disability.
  • Position created based off of listening and conversations discussed.
  • Bringing disabled community to the table surrounding different important conversations.
  • Community growth

Quote from article: "We want to be a community that is centered around universal design and being inclusive of all people regardless of ability. That means that we have to continue to learn about accessibility and disability, and celebrate the many contributions and gifts our disabled students bring to our campus.” -Eduardo Pazos, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs for Inclusion and Diversity

Insight Question

How will interconnected help you build a more inclusive and accessible future?

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