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How to include workers with disabilities in your DEI initiatives

"It is important to have a company culture that welcomes people with disabilities prior to them being hired for a position. The culture is a thread that is interlaced into each area of the company, from its values to its recruitment process, efforts to retain employees and provide leadership opportunities for growth, to many other areas." -Jourdan Saunders, CEO of The Resource Key

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person in a wheelchair sitting at desk in front of computer typing in office.

Link to hear article read aloud.

Our CEO wrote an article for Fast Company recently in partnership with two of The Resource Key Community Experts, Tanisha Dayal and Antoine Hunter.

Excerpt from the article:

"The world’s largest minority group, according to the World Bank—15% of the global population (or 1 billion people)— experiences some form of disability, whether visible or invisible. Establishing the foundation for and maintaining successful diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives starts with including this significant minority. And businesses can increase their value by taking important steps to ensure members of this population are included in workplaces."

Link to read the full article.

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